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Olearia Pazienza is an oil factory located in the heart of Puglia, Italian region with a strong olive-growing vocation, largest producer in the world.
Since 1981 and surrounded by olive trees, workers with wisdom and dedication, checks carefully all stages of production: from the selection of olives until obtaining a top-quality extra virgin olive oil.

The production

The production of extra virgin olive oil usually begins in the middle of October and ends, on average, between January and February.
The first phase of production process is the harvesting of the olives in the family funds, the first to be ground to allow the machines to start up. Then we move on to those received from suppliers.
The olives that arrive in the crusher are carefully selected and then stored inside silos and transferred to the processing plants.



Acidity measures the acid content Oleic: the higher its value is the poorer the quality of the product. An oil, fruit of the simple pressing of olives, to be able to call extra virgin must have an acidity not exceeding 0.8%.
Our extra virgin olive oil does not exceed the 0,3% – 0,4% and therefore is configured as a very high-quality oil.


The scent and taste of an extra virgin must refer to the fruit it comes from: the olives. Our extra virgin olive oil is the squeezing of 2 variety, skillfully blended: Coratina and Ogliarola. The result is a round aroma, intensely fruity and with a high content of polyphenols.


A quality extra virgin olive oil must possess hints of bitter taste. These derive from the presence of polyphenols, potent antioxidants that counteract the free radicable responsible for cellular ageing and multiple pathologies, including some forms of neoplasms.
Our extra virgin olive oil is rightly bitter, balanced in taste. Overall a harmonious and elegant oil, with hints of almond and sometimes apple.

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