Olearia Pazienza was born in 1981, when Caterina Gaetana and Vito Pazienza inaugurated the first family oil mill, located in Palmiro Togliatti street, on the eastern outskirts of Bitonto, at limits of the town. Techniques of working were traditional ones, which saw use of stone mill and presses.

In 1988 the plant was introduced with continuous cycle production, which for the first period supports the presses, definitively abandoned in 1997. Production, therefore, becomes in function of shifts of 12 or 24 hours, always and strictly at low temperature, to preserve all the organoleptic properties of the fruit.

In 1999, Vito and Caterina took over their children Franco, Nicola, Giuseppe, Tommaso, Giuliano and Rosa. In 2000 was constituted our today Olearia Pazienza s.r.l.

In 2007 was transferred at the current headquarters, which is reached along the same Palmiro Togliatti street, and continuing along of this, in the countryside, until reaching Contrada Piantata di Rogadeo street.

Today, after more than 30 years of experience, passion and commitment, Olearia Pazienza is a company that marries the respect of tradition and the most modern processing techniques, producing extra virgin olive oil and DOP of the highest quality, expertly derived from Ogliarola and Coratina varietals.

Of the past, Pazienza today only preserves the stone molazza, mounted in the center of the large courtyard of the mill, “remained there for history”, as he likes to emphasize Nicola Pazienza.