The offer and sale of products on Http:// website is governed by the following general terms and conditions of sale.



These Terms of sale govern the relationship between the customer and the company Olearia Pazienza s.r.l. For purchase of products on the site. The customer is obliged to read carefully the conditions of sale that Olearia Patience s.r.l. puts at disposal and the conferral of the order implies the complete acceptance of the same.


How to Buy

For purchase of the products, the customer must insert the selected product (s) into the “trolley” and, after having viewed and accepted the contribution for shipping costs, you can proceed to purchase.

If the customer needs to change the purchase order or to modify some of the data contained in it will have to follow the appropriate modification procedure contained in the site. In particular, the customer will have the right to modify the quantity of products he intends to purchase, adding or eliminating one or more products from the cart.

After this operation, the customer will display a screen containing the summary of the purchase order, including shipping costs, with the request for further confirmation of the purchase procedure.

After the summary is displayed, the customer must select the type of payment desired and “click” the “Go to Checkout” button.


Conclusion of the contract

With the confirmation of the purchase order by the customer, the conditions of sale and the additional information contained on the site will be deemed fully known and accepted by the customer.

After payment the customer will receive an e-mail with the notification of the receipt of payment and from that moment decorate the timing for preparation and shipment.

If our staff find errors in the order or believed that they were not quantity in the time and manner required, you will timely communication date, which will indicate the order as rejected; should the customer receive such message please contact us by phone.



The price of products is expressed in Euro and may be subject to variation. In any case, the price that will be indicated on order confirmation will be authentic. The price includes all taxes and/or taxes applicable to the operation. The price does not include shipping costs, the amount of which will still be indicated to the customer in the purchase order summary;



The customer can choose from the following three payment methods: by credit card on PayPal; by bank transfer; by marking.



We will take care of orders as soon as possible. Generally, subject to availability of the product, our shipments are made within three (3) working days, by courier. The time of shipment will vary depending on destination, the moment the order is acquired and the availability of the product itself.

Unless unforeseen, the delivery time on the national territory will be five (5) working days from delivery to courier. For places that are difficult to reach, such Sardinia, mountain localities, smaller islands, extreme suburbs, disadvantaged areas or foreign countries, the delivery times may be longer.

For the shipment will be used the address provided during the registration to the site, then, is asked to carefully fill in the full address field in each part.

Below the shipping price ranges reported in Kg.


Shipments IN Italy

Thin at 5 kg €6.50

From 5.01 to 10 kg €7.50

From 10.01 to 20 kg €10.00

From 20.01 to 30 kg €12.50

From 30.01 to 99.99 kg €18.00

From 100 to 110 kg to €29.50

From 110.01 to 120 kg €32.00

From 120.01 to 130 kg €34.50

From 130.01 to 140 kg €37.00

From 140.01 to 150 kg €39.50

From 150.01 to 160 kg €42.00

From 160.01 to 170 kg €44.50

From 170.01 to 180 kg €47.00

From 180.01 to 190 kg €49.50

From 190.01 to 200 kg €52.00


Foreign shipments


Thin at 5 kg € 16,60

From 5,01 to 10 kg € 19,05

From 10,01 to 20 kg € 23,95

From 20,01 to 30 kg € 28,85

From 30,01 to 99,99 kg € 62,66

From 100 to 110 kg € 68,05

From 110,01 to 120 kg € 72,95

From 120,01 to 130 kg €77,85

From 130,01 to 140 kg € 82,75

From 140,01 to 150 kg € 87,65

From 150,01 to 160 kg € 92,55

From 160,01 to 170 kg € 97,45

From 170,01 to 180 kg € 102,35

From 180,01 to 190 kg € 107,25

From 190,01 to 200 kg € 112,15


Thin at 5 kg € 52,96

From 5,01 to 10 kg € 56,44

From 10,01 to 20 kg € 66,84

From 20,01 to 30 kg € 77,24

From 30,01 to 99,99 kg € 119,94

From 100 to 110 kg € 133,36

From 110,01 to 120 kg € 140,07

From 120,01 to 130 kg € 152,27

From 130,01 to 140 kg € 164,47

From 140,01 to 150 kg € 176,67

From 150,01 to 160 kg € 188,87

From 160,01 to 170 kg € 201,07

From 170,01 to 180 kg € 213,27

From 180,01 to 190 kg € 225,47

From 190,01 to 200 kg € 237,67


Thin at 5 kg € 67,10

From 5,01 to 10 kg € 97,60

From 10,01 to 20 kg € 158,60

From 20,01 to 30 kg € 219,60

From 30,01 to 99,99 kg € 640,50

From 100 to 110 kg € 707,60

From 110,01 to 120 kg € 768,60

From 120,01 to 130 kg € 829,60

From 130,01 to 140 kg € 890,60

From 140,01 to 150 kg € 951,60

From 150,01 to 160 kg € 1012,60

From 160,01 to 170 kg € 1073,60

From 170,01 to 180 kg € 1134,60

From 180,01 to 190 kg € 1195,60

From 190,01 to 200 kg € 1256,60

Note: Increase for deliveries in remote areas (surcharge per package): Northern Ireland and British Lesser Islands 30 euros, Channel Islands 10,50 euros, Corsica 50 euros, Balearic Islands 50.00 euros, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Gibraltar and Andorra Euro 65.00, Madeira, Azores and Greek Islands Euro 55.00. Any customs costs not included. For orders from these countries and, in general, if over 200 kg, write to


In case of proven defect of goods or non-conformity with the order, it is possible the return at our expense. It is not possible to ask for the restitution of money for returned goods for wrong order and simultaneous request of substitution, if the afterthought were to take place more than 14 days after receiving the goods.

The customer, under D. Lgs No 206 of 06/09/2005 and subsequent amendments may exercise the right of withdrawal, within 14 days of receipt of the goods, by writing to the address

The exercise of the right of withdrawal will be ineffective if the returned product is not intact, i.e. missing the original packaging, or for the absence of integral elements of the product, or for damage to the product for reasons other than transport. The customer agrees that, in case of disputes, the competent forum will be that of Bari.


Warranty Terms

For more information just write to

In the event that a parcel (product pack) is not delivered within the timeframe, the customer is recommended to contact us by e-mail at, in order to verify the status of the shipment.

If the verification of shipment is a simple delay, or the impossibility to carry out the delivery cause absent recipient, will be given notice to the customer, to reassure him, because the delivery will be made most likely the next business day.

In the hypothesis of impossibility to consign absent consignee, the customer will have to do what he can to allow the courier to be able to carry out the delivery the next day.

To minimize this kind of problem it is suggested to our customers to indicate easily identifiable delivery addresses, complete with civic number and with an indication of the name of the recipient in a sign or in the button of Intercom.

Should the non-delivery of a parcel, and the consequent return to the sender, be due to the communication of an incorrect or incomplete delivery address, by the customer, it will be necessary to make a second shipment. In this case the cost of the second shipment will be borne by the customer.

Should the non-delivery of a parcel, and the consequent return to the sender, be due to default by the courier, it will be possible to proceed with a replacement shipment.

In the event that a parcel is not delivered within 15 days from the day of shipment, and verifying the tracking, should not be tracked, or the tracking should be stopped several days before the verification, without any other update, you will most likely find yourself in the unfortunate case of lost parcel. Once you have made the necessary checks at the courier, if you are not able to find a trace of the parcel, we will proceed with a replacement shipment, to ensure the receipt of goods ordered to the customer. The customer will then be asked, after receiving the first neck, to accept the eventual second, notifying us promptly of the receipt of the same so as to schedule the withdrawal at home in a short time.  



The customer, with the order, assumes responsibility for compliance with the rules of law and safety related to the use of the products purchased. It is therefore excluded all responsibility of Olearia Pazienza s.r.l. for any and all direct or indirect damage caused to persons or things by the improper use of the products supplied. In no case can Olearia Pazienza s.r.l. be held liable, even indirectly, for the failure or insufficient functioning of the products and/or consequential damages.





The sale of goods through an e-commerce or e-commerce site is governed by the D. Lvo 9 April 2003 N. 70 (Implementation of the European Community Directive 200/31/EC) and by D. Lvo 6 September 2005 N. 206 (Consumption code). These two decrees largely define the legal content of the conditions of sale of an e-commerce site, as well as specifying the minimum legal standards of such conditions.

The necessary content of the conditions of sale of an electronic commerce site is therefore reported, addressing private consumers.

Business\vendor should make a set of essential general information available to customers of the e-commerce site. This information must be made in Italian, in a direct and permanent way, even before the conclusion of the contract or the purchase. This information is:

  • The characteristics of the goods and services offered;
  • The identity of the Vendor\entrepreneur (name, denomination, company);
  • The geographic address where the Vendor\entrepreneur is established (domicile or registered office) and his telephone number, fax, Email, to enable the consumer to quickly contact the seller and communicate effectively with him;
  • If different from the previous address, the one to which the consumer can direct complaints;
  • The number of registrations to the Repertoire of economic activities, REA or register of companies;
  • The number of P IVA or another equivalent identification number;
  • The total price of the goods or services offered including taxes and all additional shipping, delivery and any other costs. Where such expenditure cannot reasonably be calculated in advance, the indication that such expenditure may be debited to the consumer;
  • The possible cost for the use of the distance communication medium for the conclusion of the contract;
  • The methods of payment, delivery and execution, the date by which the Trader undertakes to deliver the goods or provide the services;
  • The conditions, the terms and the procedure for exercising the right of withdrawal and the possible cost of delivery for the return of the goods;
  • If the right of withdrawal is not provided for the particular type of contract, the information that the consumer will not benefit from the right;
  • Information on the existence of the legal guarantee of conformity for the goods;
  • The existence and conditions of the assistance After sales Consumer and commercial guarantees; The duration of the contract;
  • The minimum duration of any obligations established by the consumer’s contract.

Other obligations arise at the expense of the business\seller immediately before and at the time of the consumer’s purchase order submission. In fact, the following information must be highlighted during the purchase forwarding procedure before the order:

  • The main characteristics of the goods or services offered;
  • The total price of the goods or services offered, including taxes and delivery and shipping costs;
  • The duration of the contract;
  • If delivery restrictions apply and which means of payment are accepted;
  • The minimum duration of any obligations laid down by the consumer’s contract;
  • The various technical steps to perform the conclusion of the contract;
  • The way the contract ended will be filed and how to access it;
  • The technical means made available to the consumer to identify and correct data entry errors before submitting the order;
  • Any codes of conduct to which the trader adheres;
  • The indication of dispute resolution tools.

The business\seller shall ensure that, when the order is forwarded, the consumer expressly acknowledges that the order implies the obligation to pay. If the forwarding of the order implies to activate a button or a similar function, it must report in an easily legible way “order with obligation to pay” or an equivalent formula. If the seller does not fulfil this obligation, the consumer is not bound by the contract and the order.

Business\seller must communicate to the consumer the confirmation of the conclusion of the contract or the purchase on a durable medium, within a reasonable time after the order has been forwarded, and not later than the time of delivery of the goods purchased. The confirmation must include all information concerning the general conditions applicable to the contract, the essential characteristics of the goods and services, the detailed indication of the price, the means of payment, the right of withdrawal, the costs of Delivery and applicable taxes.

Important information that should be included in the conditions of sale of the e-commerce site is the possibility, in favor of the consumer, to take advantage of the right of withdrawal, provided for by the consumer code. This requires the consumer to have a period of 14 days to withdraw from a contract, without having to give any reasons and without having to incur different costs, with the exception of the direct cost of returning the goods (delivery costs). In the event that the entrepreneur/seller does not give information in the contract of the possibility to withdraw in favour of the consumer, the latter will have twelve months of time to withdraw. Within the prescribed period, the consumer must inform the business\seller of his decision to exercise the right of withdrawal from the contract, using a special form or by submitting any express statement of his decision. The vendor\entrepreneur shall reimburse to the consumer all payments received, without undue delay and in any case within 14 days of the day on which he was informed by the consumer of the willingness to withdraw.

The conditions of sale of an e-commerce site will then have to predict the delivery times. The law stipulates that the entrepreneur is obliged to deliver to the consumer the goods purchased without undue delay and at the latest within thirty days from the date of conclusion of the contract. This obligation is fulfilled through the transfer of material availability to the consumer (shipment or delivery). If the contractor does not fulfil the delivery obligation enter the said term, the consumer invites him to carry out the delivery within an additional period appropriate to the circumstances. If this deadline expires without the goods being delivered, the consumer is entitled to terminate the contract, with the right to compensation for damages incurred.

The conditions of sale shall also provide for the terms of the guarantee in the event of defects of conformity of the products purchased. In this case, the consumer may alternatively ask to repair the goods or replace him, without charge in both cases, unless this is objectively impossible or excessively costly, or requires an appropriate reduction in the price or the resolution of Contract. The duration of the guarantee extends up to two years from the delivery of the goods. Within this deadline the seller will be liable to the consumer for any defect in conformity of the asset. The consumer must, in order to use this guarantee, denounce the defect in conformity within two months of the date on which he discovered the defect. Is void any covenant or clause contrary to that guarantee.

Finally, it is a good rule to foresee in the conditions of sale of an e-commerce site the procedure for submitting complaints and asking for information., in addition to the clause concerning the processing of customer’s personal data under the Privacy code.