What to do with olive oil after frying

9 December 2018  -  News

Let’s face it, we love frying. Given that frying with olive oil is the best choice possible, because of its ability to better resist high temperatures, characteristic that results in greater benefits to our health, a demand assaults us after satisfying our palate: Where do we put the oil used for frying?

A mistake to avoid absolutely is to throw it in the drains of the kitchen or bathroom. The ensuing pollution is really huge and too often underestimated if not even ignored by most of us. Just think that with a single liter of oil you pollster a body of water as big as a football field!

We must, instead, adopt a correct and eco-sustainable behaviour.

First, olive oil can be reused up to 3 times. Its greater ability to withstand high temperatures, in fact, avoids that it degrades immediately and therefore does not become harmful to our health.

Secondly, when the oil is now to be thrown away, you have to wait for it to cool down and then pour it into containers to be hermetically sealed. Then it should be delivered to the nearest ecological island.

In the case of commercial activities, such as restaurants or pizzerias, the legislation requires that CONOE (National Consortium for the collection and treatment of vegetable oils and fats and exhausted animals) be contacted and equipped with a special loading and unloading register.

In this way, the oil can be treated, transformed and reused in other sectors, such as lubricants, energy recovery, release agents for the building industry.